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The Annie Ru’s Story Less

Annie Ru’s, famous for its downhome southern and gourmet cuisine is located in the Jacksonville area at 2851 North Edgewood Avenue. Around 2011, owner Ruth Daniels decided to convert the space that has served as her catering facility for 18 years and open a restaurant in honor of her mother, Annie Lee Hayward. This was after several years were spent looking for another location until her husband, Clifton advised her to use what was already in her hand. Ruth’s mother had her cooking from the age of six in Hastings, Florida where she was born and raised. However, it was in this special space…the Carry out and Catering kitchen on Hendricks Avenue, where her 56 year old mother, with a 3rd grade education sat on a stool, watching her daughter cook, poured everything she had into her. 

She taught her all of the treasured family recipes, including her specialty, known to Annie Ru’s customers as Mommie’s Mac & Cheese. What she did not only speaks to Annie’s wisdom but to her strength and determination because at that time she was suffering from cancer which eventually took her home to be with the Lord. It was also there on that stool where Annie prophesized to her daughter Ruth that she would one day open a Restaurant. Twelve years after her mother’s prophesy, on February 2, 2013, with the love and support of her husband, their four sons, her sisters and brother, family, friends and Church ministry, she opened Annie Ru’s Carry Out & Catering….combining the names of mother and daughter. She has also been encouraged by her Pastor who blessed the business and prophesied about its success. But the story doesn’t end here, Ruth sees her work as ministry and has a vision for opening a chain of Annie Ru’s where people can come in and feel love. Ruth Daniels has been catering and event planning for private and corporate events in the Jacksonville and surrounding areas for over 22 years.